Past trips
We are going to acquire skills and enjoy riding a bike in the snow.
Start Time: 6 February, 2011, 07:20
End Time: 6 February, 2011, 19:00
Location: Armenia
 Bike tour through Azat Canyon
We'll enter the Azat Canyon not reaching Garni, afterwards the road will take us to Azat storage lake.
Start Time: 23 January, 2011, 09:30
End Time: 23 January, 2011, 17:30
Location: Armenia
 Bike tour to Oshakan Gorge to swim
We will go down to the picturesque Kasakh Canyon, enjoy the cold water of the river, get warm near the fire. Afterwards we will continue our tour to Ejmiatsin and return back to Yerevan.
Start Time: 16 January, 2011, 10:00
End Time: 16 January, 2011, 17:00
Location: Armenia
 Again... Yerevan – Ashtarak – Yeghvard - Yerevan
The Route: HVZ Workshop(Leningradyan 31) – Haghtanak – Nor Sasunik – Ashtarak – Ashtarak Gorge (we’ll rest here, make bonfire, have lunch and swim in the river if you want to) – Yeghvard – Zovuni – Yerevan
Start Time: 9 January, 2011, 10:00
End Time: 9 January, 2011, 17:00
Location: Ashtarak Gorge
 Bike trip to Buzhakan
Route is as follows: HVZ workshop (Leningrad 31) - Zovuni- Yeghvard - Zoravan - Aragyugh - Buzhakan and back to Yerevan
Start Time: 5 December, 2010, 09:00
End Time: 5 December, 2010, 18:00
Location: Buzhakan
 Biking Tour Yerevan – Ashtarak – Yeghvard - Yerevan
When: Sunday starting from 9AM
Distance: 55km
Difficulty: easy
Food: Light, vegetarian
Drinks: tea, juice, water
Outfit: sports, gloves, hat, swimwear and towel
Start Time: 28 November, 2010, 09:00
End Time: 28 November, 2010, 17:00
Location: Armenia
 Biking to Sevaberd Lake
The weather demands a new biking tour and the sun prompts us not to forget swimwear. We are riding to a gorgeous lake situated close to Sevaberd. But first we need to reach there in order to find out how gorgeous it is. Who knows maybe it’s not gorgeous at all :) Hatis Mountain will watch us from one side and Geghama Mountains will watch us from the other side and they will remind us of our previous crazy biking tours organized this year… Eh…
Start Time: 21 November, 2010, 08:00
End Time: 21 November, 2010, 18:30
Location: Armenia
 Biking to Aghveran
Route is as follows:
HVZ workshop (Leningrad 31) - Kanaker railway station, by train up to t. Charentsavan, then all the rest way by a bicycle, Charentsavan - Alapars - Arzakan - Aghveran, back route - Aghveran - Arzakan - Karashamb - Argel - Nurnus - New Geghi - Arzni - Yerevan.
Start Time: 7 November, 2010, 07:00
End Time: 7 November, 2010, 19:00
Location: Aghveran
 Biking to Meghradzor: Chrik Waterfall
Previous three easy campaigns were good gifts for the beginner cyclists. Are you ready to bike a little complicated route, just let me warn that minor increase in complexity will lead to three times more pleasure, satisfaction and good mood. Go Chrik to swim: we are not going to freeze: bonfire, baked potatoes, friendly atmosphere and mountain air will not let us to do so. Who is with us?
Start Time: 24 October, 2010, 07:00
End Time: 24 October, 2010, 19:00
Location: Armenia
Pilgrimage participants, with the flags and names of organizations that support the program, will visit Armenian 7 churches in regions where will light candles, provided by children who are in cancer treatment and will gather garbage around the church: The children will be only the Holy Ejmiatsin.
Start Time: 17 October, 2010, 12:30
End Time: 17 October, 2010, 18:00
Location: Ejmiatsin
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