Biking Tour Around Ara Mountain
At last we are going to have our long-awaited tour this time around Ara Mountain (for the second time).

Ara Mountain is named after the Armenian mythological god Ara the Beautiful because from a distance (for example from Yerevan) its summits look like a lying man. According to Armenian legends the plain below the mountain was the scene of the battle where Ara was fighting with Assyria's voluptuous queen Semiramide. Faithful to his wife Nuard, he died here and according to Semiramide's orders his body was laid in the mountain's caves so that aralezes (legendary dogs) would revive his body.

Route: Yerevan - Zovuni - Yeghvard - Yernjatap - Aragyugh - Zoravan - Yeghvard - Yerevan
Distance: 85km
Difficulty: * * * - - (3/5)
Outfit: sports or shorts, in other words do not wear jeans....., backpack
Food: light, vegetarian
Drinks: non-alcoholic (tea, juices, water)

The tour starts from HVZ Workshop (Leningradyan 31) at 10:00. Those who wish to rent a bicycle should be here at 9:30 with a passport.

For inquiries as well as information on bicycle rentals, please contact Samvel at 093-426-654.
Start Time: 3 July, 2011, 09:30
End Time: 3 July, 2011, 20:00
Location: Ara Mountain