We are going to acquire skills and enjoy riding a bike in the snow.

When: Sunday, at 07:20 am
Distance: 40 km.
Difficulty: Average.
Food: Light, vegetarian.
Drinks: Hot tea in thermos, juice, water.
Outfit: Warm clothes, gloves, hat, take an extra pair of socks with you.

The Route is the following: HVZ Workshop (31 Leningradyan str.) – Kanaker railway station (10km), we’ll reach Hrazdan by train, Hrazdan – Tsaghkadzor (10 km), Tsaghkadzor – Hrazdan (10 km) – we’ll reach Yerevan by train.

We are meeting in HVZ Workshop on Sunday at 7:20 am, so as we are in time for the train which will start from Kanaker station at 8:30am. The Wagons are heated.

If you have any questions about the trip or bike rental, please call Samvel by number 093-426-654.

PS: Don’t forget to take a camera or a photo camera with you: there will definitely be something to shoot.

PPS: Samvel says there is a warm heated toilet there. I don’t know, maybe it’s important.
Start Time: 6 February, 2011, 07:20
End Time: 6 February, 2011, 19:00
Location: Armenia