Biking to Sevaberd Lake
The weather demands a new biking tour and the sun prompts us not to forget swimwear. We are riding to a gorgeous lake situated close to Sevaberd. But first we need to reach there in order to find out how gorgeous it is. Who knows maybe it’s not gorgeous at all :) Hatis Mountain will watch us from one side and Geghama Mountains will watch us from the other side and they will remind us of our previous crazy biking tours organized this year… Eh…

When: Sunday at 8:00
Distance: 85km
Difficulty: medium
Food: light, vegetarian
Drinks: tea, juice, water
Outfit: sports, gloves, hat, swimwear and towel
Weather: cool and sunny, ideal temperature for biking

Route: HVZ Workshop (Leningradyan 31) – Abovyan – Mayakovski – Aramus – Kamaris – Geghashen – Zar – Sevaberd – Zar – Akunk – Nor Gyugh – Abovyan – Yerevan

For inquiries as well as information on bicycle rentals please call Samvel at 093-426-654
Start Time: 21 November, 2010, 08:00
End Time: 21 November, 2010, 18:30
Location: Armenia