Bike trip and night at Trchkan
Here is the most desired tour! This time we organize it a little earlier than last year to watch and enjoy a full-flowing waterfall. We go to the Trchkan waterfall, one of the treasures of our natural world and unique survivors that has gathered around it each person who has even a little love towards our nature. It's impossible to see Trchkan and not to fall in love. To merge with cool jets, clear ourselves, get endless positive energy is a perfect delight!

For two days we forget about our routins and dash into the hugs of Trchkan to have a wonderful day and dream under the stars. To get maximum fun and spend a lot of time near the waterfall, first, we go by train from Yerevan to Gyumri, then we ride our bikes to Trchkan. All our stuff is moved by car. We spend a happy and exciting day, gather around the fire in the evening, stay there overnight, and next day, before noon we ride to Yerevan.

Pay attention, "Bicycle +" takes on all organizational issues. All participants are provided with tents, sleeping bags, fire wood, food and an evening picnic in Trchkan, tea and surprise. Tents, sleeping bags, food and wood are transported by car. A back way from Trchkan is also accompanied by car.

Participants must have only their meal along the road (it can be bought in shops across the road). The evening and the morning meal in Trchkan is organized by "Bicycle +".

If there are people who want to come with their own tents, sleeping bags, or would like to bring warm clothes, can leave their belongings up to midday (12:00) on Friday (August 12) at HVZ workshop.

The cost of participation, including a train ticket is 9000 AMD. All participants hand over the amount to HVZ workshop up to midday (12:00 pm) on Friday (August 12), to have an idea of the exact number of participants, to prepare the appropriate number of tents, sleeping bags and food.

We gather on Saturday, August 13, at 7: 30 am, at the train station in front of the statue of David of Sasun, where we go by train to Gyumri.

The route:

Day 1. Gyumri - Mayisyan - Kety - Pokrashen-Torosgyugh - Bashgyugh - Pokr sariar - Kakavasar - Trchkan (55 km)
Most of way we go by bike along the valleys and hills.

Day 2. Trchkan - Mets parni - Katnajur - Lernavan - Jrashen - Tsilkar - Gegharot - Jamshlu - Alagyaz - Rya Taza - Aparan - Quchak - Ushi - Karbi-Mughni - Ashtarak-Yerevan (115 km)

Difficulty: ★★★★ ☆, 4/5 (for swimmers under the waterfall, ★★ ☆☆☆, 2/5 :))
Food: light, vegetarian
Drinks: tea, juice, water
Outfit: hiking, sports, swimsuit, towel and warm cloths

Conditions for participation:
1. All participants must wear a helmet;
2. Members, who smoke cigarettes, should forget about smoking that day, otherwise, they are not not allowed to come with us;
3. No alcoholic drinks.
4. Participation fee is 9.000 AMD

Those who rent a bicycle and helmet from "HVZ" are with special discount price of 5,000 for 2 days.

All who wish to participate should call Samvel 093-426-654 and adjust with all issues.

PS. Do not forget to take a swimsuit in no case:)
Start Time: 13 August, 2016, 11:30
End Time: 15 August, 2016, 00:30
Location: Trchkan waterfa