Bike trip to Oshakan
This Sunday "Bicycle+" invites us at the long-awaited bike trip in the gorge Oshakan. This is one of the most beloved and not tiring routes , and the route Ashtarak-Oshakan is a bike ride that gives us a real pleasure. We'll also go down to a picturesque Kasakh gorge, where we will enjoy our stay. Those who don't afraid of cold, can swim in the river as well. Then we will go on our way back to Yerevan. Just remember to take warm gloves.

Route: Yerevan - Ashtarak - Oshakan - Dasht (glade) - Nor Masunic - Ashtarak - Yerevan.

Route length: 55km
Difficulty: ★★★☆☆, 3/5
Food: light, vegetarian
Drinks: tea, juices, water
Outfit: hiking, sports. Don't forget to take a swimsuit and a towel who wants to swim.

For the participants' own safety, it is desirable to have headlights and tail lights, because it already gets dark quite early.

Conditions for participation:
1. All participants must wear a helmet;
2. Those who have attachment to cigarettes must forget about smoking this day, otherwise they are not allowed to come with us;
3. No alcoholic drinks.

With the issue of renting a bike or a helmet, as well as with the other questions call Samvel 093-426-654.
Start Time: 3 April, 2016, 13:30
End Time: 3 April, 2016, 22:00
Location: Oshakan