Riding around Ara mountain
This Sunday, on the 25th of October, we are implementing one of our favorite riding around Ara mountain.

HVZ workshop (Leningradyan 31) - Yerevan - Zovuni - Yeghvard - Yerndzatap-Aragyugh - Zoravar - Yeghvard - Yerevan.

So, the beginning is on Sanday, 25/10/2015, in the morning at 9:00, from the workshop HVZ in Leningradyan 31.

Route length: 85 km
Difficulty: ★★★☆☆, 3/5
Food: light, vegetarian
Drinks: tea, juices, water
Outfit: hiking, sports (take warm clothes too).

For the participants' own safety, it is desirable to have headlights and tail lights, because it already gets dark quite early.

Conditions for participation:
1. All participants must wear a helmet;
2. Those who have attachment to cigarettes must forget about smoking this day, otherwise they are not allowed to come with us;
3. No alcoholic drinks.

With the issue of renting a bike or a helmet, as well as with the other questions call Samvel 093-426-654.
Start Time: 25 October, 2015, 13:00
End Time: 25 October, 2015, 22:00
Location: Ara mountain