Frequently Asked Questions
What is the aim of the organization? By means of inputting the biking culture in Armenia we hope to promote healthy lifestyle among the population, improve the level of eco-consciousness of the citizens as well as to ameliorate the ecological situation of the republic.
I can't ride a bike, but I'm eager to learn. Can you help me? Once a week the "Bicycle+" organizes free biking lessons on the hill of Tsitsernakaberd and all those who wish can take part without any age or sex discrimination.
I'm afraid to ride a bike in the traffic. What can you advise? Those who are new to biking are not at all neglected: on the contrary, to come over the fear as well as to learn how to ride a bicycle according to the traffic regulations we occasionally organize campaigns in the city of Yerevan.
Why is the orgaznization called an eco-training one? Our public organization bases on the lifestyle, that is to say, the harmony of people and nature. When traveling we see the disatrous behaviours of people towards the pictorous places. We can't be indifferent towards the environmental problems and we hold ecologocial and nature conservation campaigns.
I have never been to a long-distance riding campaign, but I would like to. What do you suggest? We mention the length and the level of difficulty for each campaign. Our advice is to start from the easy ones, gradually taking part in more compicated campaigns. In any case, you can ask us for advice before each campaign.
What does the organization lack and how can people help? Since its very beginning up to now the members of the public organization "Bicycle+" have been the only ones to bother with all the concerns and as we ddidn't have any financial support we often had difficulties in bringing to life the various projects which were to occur naturally. Thus any help or cooperation is highly welcome and will work for the sake of bringing into life our plans and programs.