About us

Our bike movement started in 2006, when on the initiative of several active youth a Bike rally was organized for Garni stones symphony protection. The environmental bicycle rallies have started since 2007 in the capital, as well as in various regions of Armenia, including Teghut. Being environmentalists, we chose the bike as ecologically the cleanest vehicle, because it does not use fuel and does not pollute the air when used.

During bicycle rallies we, as a rule, communicate with people, inform them about the existing environmental problems and on our personal example present them the idea of the usefulness and the necessity of bicycle riding.

However surprising it is, while getting in touch with people we revealed that the majority of our countrymen didn't know how to ride a bicycle. Armenia is still far from being called a cycle country, while in many developed countries it has long been convinced and the government demonstrates a serious approach to bicycle transportation, and in some cases even prefer them to cars.

Taking into account the benefits of bicycle transportation and opportunities it gives, as well as realizing the present and the future problems and difficulties, we decided to undertake the responsibility of implementation of this difficult task, and in 2009 we established a "Bicycle+" eco-sport NGO.

At present every week at the adjacent park of sports complex (Hamalir) "Bicycle +" holds free bike training, during which people irrespective of age and sex learn to ride a bicycle for free. Every Sunday "bicycle +" organizes a free bicycle tours to different regions of Armenia.

During the campaigns, the participants not only enjoy the beauty of the nature, but also realize the importance of showing a careful attitude towards it, and, if necessary, becoming its protector.

The organization also participated in several international youth environmental projects in Georgia and Latvia.

From the beginning of its foundation the organization has survived due to the personal assets and enthusiasm of its members.